Sunday, May 18, 2008

Head's Up

If you have never purchased mulitiple Sunday papers - For The Coupons - this might be the week to start. I'm just sayin'......lots of good money making deals to come in next few weeks!


Susan said...

Do you purchase multiple newspapers? Do you just buy them at the store? Just wondering how you do it. I've thought about it but I never have.

Jen said...

I purchase the double pack newspapers at Walmart Neighborhood Market. You get 2 complete papers for $1.99 - this week I got 2 bundles and my friend gave me hers. LOTS OF Q's!! You can look at to see some of what is coming in the next few weeks. don't even have to clip them all. Just hold on to them and pull them as you need them. You never know what might be a money maker at CVS or Walgreen's down the road. Saves a bunch of time though.