Thursday, July 31, 2008

Walgreen's Coupon - Use it if you dare

Here's a printable coupon for $5 off a $20 purchase at Walgreen's
Good TODAY Thursday 7/31/08 only
Be aware that this coupon requires your total to be $20 or above
after you scan all your manufacturer and Walgreen's Easy Saver coupons
the $5/$20 comes off very last = So you're still spending $15.+ OOP
(I'm late in posting this coupon because I'm really not a big fan of Walgreen's
in my experience their cashiers are ignorant regarding their coupon policies-
I actually had a disabled guy the other day that was banging himself in the head
because he couldn't figure out how to enter an Enfamil formula check- CRAZY!
besides that the manager's are not helpful and
the deals just don't compare to what I find elsewhere at your own risk, it's just not that enjoyable for me)

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CVS Hidden Deal

If you hadn't already seen this post at iheartcvs
I thought it was worth sharing

It's a Hidden Deal on Maybelline Mascara:

the advertised deal is "Buy both Garnier Nutritioniste eye roller ($12.99) and Maybelline Define-a-Lash mascara ($5.99) get $10 ECB" limit 2

it turns out that you don't have to buy the (expensive) eye roller after all. you can...

buy 2 define-a-lash at $5.99
and receive $10 ecb.

if you have $1 off coupons from 4-27-08 RP or tearpads,
♥ free mascara after ecb ♥

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A couple more Target Deals

I thought I'd repost this great diaper deal one more time - the coupons expire 7/31/08
Disclaimer: I did this Pampers deal Saturday and told my friend about it. When she went and tried to do the same Pampers deal they told her "your friend was scamming Target."
The coupons are legit. I've done this deal many times as have many others. Just know that the cashiers might give you some grief - I'm finding some are not so happy for us to be getting such great deals. I think they're just jealous!

1 Pampers Jumbo diapers $9.99
1 Pampers Mega wipes $5.99
-$5 WYB 2 Target coupon (
A Full Cup)
-$3 WYB 2 Target coupon (A Full Cup)
-$5 Target GC WYB 2 coupon (A Full Cup)
-$1.50 Pampers diapers MC (7/27 RP)
-$0.50 Pampers wipes MC (7/6 P&G)
Total: $5.98 OOP for both the diapers & wipes
Get a $5.00 gift card for a future purchase

Turn around and do it again, pay $.98 for both diapers and wipes
and still get another $5.00 gift card!

then if you want to get some cheap Quaker Chewy granola bars do this:
buy 2 boxes for $4
use (2) $0.50/1 Target coupons (A Full Cup)
and -$1/2 Quaker Chewy MC (from recent insert)
Total: 2/$2 or $1 each

add in the PB&J from the next post
use your gift card from the Pampers deal
you'll pay NUTHIN' Out of Pocket = SUPER SAVINGS!!!

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Cheap PB&J at Target

In the Sunday paper there was a Smucker's Q for
-$.35 off the squeezable fruit spread
It will stack nicely with a $1.00 off Smuckers Target Q
the squeezable bottles should be around $1.69 at the DFW stores
so by stacking they'll be just $.34 cents each

Pair that with the $1.00 off Skippy Target Q (price is $1.89)= $.89 each
and you've got cheap PB&J

Get the coupons from the generator here

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Super Savings at Albertson's

Of all the couponing I have done over the years I have to say this was the best Super Savings yet. I paid $11.02 for EVERYTHING in the picture which was less than the original price of the huge package of chicken breast which was on sale for $11.52. Thanks to Albertson's Mega sale giving $5 off 10 qualifying items twice for a total of $10 off and using great manufacturer coupons and catalinas. Here's how I did it:

1st Transaction::
12 bottles of Powerade $1.00 each
4 South Beach Drink Mix $2.00 each
2 Planters Peanuts $2.00 each
2 Post Cereal Dino Pebbles $2.50 each
-$10 Mega Event Deal
-(2) $2.00 South Beach Q's
-(2) $1.00 South Beach Q's
-(2) $3.00 Planter's Q's
-$1.00 Post Cereal Q
-(6) $1.00/2 Powerade Q's
and I got a $2.00 Catalina for buying the South Beach Drink Mix

Transaction #2::
3 Cans Libby G. Beans $1.00 each
5 Cans Olives at $1.00 each
2 Bags Pictsweet frozen vegetables at $1.00 each
3 20 oz Snapple at $1.00 each
1 Canteloupe at $1.50
1 pkg Chicken Breast $11.52
- $5.00 Mega Event Sale
-(3) $.50 Snapple Q's (that doubled to $1.00 each)
- $4.00 catalina from a previous day's purchase
- $2.00 catalina from transaction #1
= $11.02 OOP

This is a GREAT sale - thanks Albertson's.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

CVS Week of 7/27 & My Scenarios

Free after ECB's and/or coupons::
Revlon Limited Edition - Bronzing Face Powder, Blush, Eye Shadow, or Lip $9.99
earns $9.99 ECBs, limit 1
-$1 Revlon Color Cosmetic Product (4/6 SS) - makes a $1 profit
-$2 off Revlon 7/20 insert

Kodak Picture Movie DVD, $9.99 - earns $9.99 ECBs, limit 3

Band-Aid bandages, $2.99, earns $2 ECBs, limit 1
-$1 Band-Aid any, from 5/18 RP, or Ultra Strips, from 6/15 SS and 6/22 RP

Super Savers::
Dove or Degree Deodorant, $1.99
-$0.75/1 Dove deodorant (from 6/8 RP) = $1.24 after coupon

Tums, $3.69
-$2.25 Tums QuikPak printable = $1.54 after coupon

Schick Intuition Razor, $3.99
-$2 (from 6/22 RP)
-B1G1 (from 7/13 SS)
-$3 or -$4 (from 6/29 SS)

$5.99 Clairol Natural Instincts or Loving Care Hair Color, $5.99 (earns $1 ECB)
-$2 Clairol (from 4/20 or 5/11 RP) = $2.99 after coupon and ECBs

Other Weekly Deals::
Buy $10 worth of Hershey's candy, get $5 ECBs
-$.75 off M& M's Dark
-$1.00 M&M's Special 7/27 insert

- BOGO Lifesavers 6/8 SS
-$.55 off Mentos 5/18 SS

Buy $20 worth of Johnsons products, get $10 ECBs
-$1/1 Johnsons Baby (from 4/17 RP)
-$1 off Aveeno baby printable
-BOGO Stayfree/Carefree Products 6/29 RP

*This includes all of the products listed on page 13 of the ad, including Tylenol, Benadryl, Stayfree, Carefree, Listerine, Pepcid, Neosporin, Mylanta, Zyrtec, and Efferdent.
Here are various J&J printable coupons for baby wash, baby oil and more.
-$1/1 printable coupon for Johnson’s Melt Away Stress Moisturizer.
-$1/1 printable coupon and here’s a $2/2 printable coupon for Johnson's Buddies but I've not confirmed they are part of the deal.
- $1 off Benedryl allergy 7/27 SS


CVS Batteries: get two packs for $5.99

CVS Power Flash Camera: get two for $7.99

Freeman SeaKelp or Christophe Beverly Hills Hair Products

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew or Ultra-Lift Facial Product -
buy one, get a Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure Cleanser, Scrub or Towelettes free ($5.99 value)

Kodak Picture Maker Print (8 x 10 sheet): get two for $6.99
-$3/1 coupon in the 4/27 & 6/1 SS inserts

Maxwell House Instant Coffee (8 oz): get two for $7.69

Nature Made Vitamins: buy-one-get-one-free
- $1/1 Nature Made printable coupon

Palmolive Dish Liquid: get two for $1.59
-$.25/1 coupon in the 7/27 SS insert

Pentel Writing Instruments

Purex: get two bottles for $5.99
-$.50/1 coupon in the 5/18 SS insert (expires 7/31)

My Deal Scenarios::
Transaction #1
Revlon $9.99, get 9.99 ECB
2 bags M&M's @2.50 each = $5.00
5 mento's @ $.50 each = $2.50
2 bags Lifesavers BOGO $2.19
1 Hershey Bar $.50
3 bags Goldfish crackers 3/$4.00
1 CVS Melon Hand Soap $1.29
1 Bandaid Ultra $2.99
1 Aveeno Baby Lotion $3.99
Total: $32.45
-$5/$30 CVS Coupon
-(5) $.55 Mento's coupons adj down to -$2.50
-(2) $.75 off M&M's - $1.50
-$1.00 off Bandaids
-$1.00 off Aveeno
-$1.00 off Revlon
-$2/10 CVS Purchase CRT
-$2 CVS Beauty Q
-$16 ECB's
Paid $.45 cash
Earned $16.99 ECB's (9.99 Revlon, 2 Bandaid, 5 Candy Deal)

Transaction #2
4 Stayfree pads @$4.50 each = 18.00
(2) BOGO Stayfree/Carefree Q's -$9.00
-$8 ECB's
Paid 1.08 on Gift Card
Earned 10 ECB's for J&J Deal
(Purchased the Aveeno in Trans. #1)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random CVS goodies

1. I just got a lovely email from CVS
including a $5/$30 Coupon for this Saturday
Be on the lookout...hopefully you'll get one too!

2. I scored a great deal at my favorite CVS last night
they had bottles of Clorox Ultimate Care bleach
on clearance for $1.15 a bottle,
used a $1 ECB so I got it for $.15 cents

3. Lastly, I scanned my CVS card at the kiosk in the store
and got some GREAT CRT's - I always hold on to them because
you know they'll incorporate them in to some deal in the future!
Remember to scan your card each time you shop

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Albertson's 7/23

Albertson's is having a sale this week in which you can Mix or Match all price points to BUY 10 PARTICIPATING ITEMS AND RECEIVE $5 OFF INSTANTLY. Select sizes and varieties available. Limit two $5 rewards per transaction. All items must be purchased in a single transaction. (coupon matchups to come!)

Listed items are as follows and show price after discount::
Sara Lee Whole Grain White Bread, 26 oz., Select Varieties, $1.00

Country Time Lemonade On The Go, 10 Count or 10 Quart, $1.50

Capri Sun Ready to Drink, 10 pk. 6.75 oz., Select Varieties, $1.50

Kool Aid Singles 10-12 ct., Select Varieties, $1.50 ea.

South Beach Tide Me Over 7 ct., Select Varieties, $1.50 ea.

Kool Aid Jammers, 10 Pack, Select Varieties, $1.50 ea.

Kool Aid 8 Quart or Sugar Free, 12 Quart Select Varieties, $1.50 ea.

Crystal Light 8 Quart or On The Go , 10 ct., Select Varieties, $1.50 ea.

MOTTS Apple Juice, 64 oz., Select Varieties, 2 for $5

OZARKA Aqua Pod , 8 Pack, 11 oz. Select Varieties, 2 for $5

Glaceau Vitamin Water , 20 oz., Select Varieties, 50¢ ea.

Powerade, 32 oz., or Glaceau Smart Water 1 Ltr. Select Varieties, 50¢ ea.

Music Mountain Water , 6 Pack, 50¢ ea.

Pillsbury Toaster Strudels , 10-11.5 oz., Select Varieties, $1.50 ea.

General Mills Cereals , Cheerios 14 oz., Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25 oz, Golden Graham 12 oz., Multigrain Cheerios 9 oz. or Cocoa Puffs Combo 11.7 oz., $1.50 ea.

Nabisco 100 Calorie Granola Bars , 5.88 oz., Select Varieties, $2.00 ea.

Post Cereals, Honey Bunches of Oats 14.5 oz., Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles 13 oz., Raisin Bran 20 oz., Alpha Bits 13.5 oz. or Honeycomb 14.5 oz., $2.00 ea.

Kraft Salad Dressing , 24 oz., Select Varieties, $2.00 ea.

Mt. Olive Spears, 24 oz., Select Varieties, $2.00 ea.

Albertsons Olives, 5.75-6 oz., Select Varieties, 50¢ ea.

French’s Mustard, 14 oz., Select Varieties, 50¢ ea.

Daisy Sour Cream, 8 oz, $.50 ea.

C&H Pure Cane Sugar, 4 lb., 3 for $5 (not part of sale)

ALBERTSONS Buttermilk or Homestyle Biscuits , 7.5 oz., Select Varieties, 2 for $1 (not part of sale)

ALBERTSONS Butter, 16 oz. Select Varieties, 3 for $5 (not part of sale)

Albertsons Butter, 8 oz., Select Varieties, $1.00 ea.

Shedds Country Crock Spread, 16 oz., Select Varieties, $1.00 ea.

Albertsons Orange Juice, 64 oz., Select Varieties, $2.00 ea.

Tombstone Pizza, 17.7-29.51 oz., Select Varieties, $2.00 ea.

Lean Cuisine Dinner Entreés, 6-10.5 oz., Select Varieties, $2.00 ea.

Albertsons Ice Cream Bars, 15 oz., Select Varieties, $1.50 ea.

Lean Cuisine Entreés, 5.25-10.38 oz., Select Varieties, $1.50 ea.

BLUE BELL Ice Cream, Half Gallon or 12 ct. Cups, 3 for $11 (not part of sale)

PictSweet Frozen Vegetables, 12-16 oz., Select Varieties, 50¢ ea.

DIGIORNO OR California Pizza Kitchen, 11.08-33.4 oz., Select Varieties, 2 for $10 (not part of sale)

ESKIMO PIE Ice Cream Bars, 6-12 Count Select Varieties, 2 for $5 (not part of sale)

LUIGI’S Italian I, 24-36 oz. Select Varieties, $2.79 ea. (not part of sale)

STOUFFER’S Red Box Dinner Entreés, Panini’s, Pot Pies or Pizza 6-20 oz., Select Varieties,
5 for $10 (not part of sale)

Blue Bunny Personals, 8 oz., Select Varieties, 10 FOR $10 (not part of sale)

SUAVE Shampoo or Conditioner, 15 oz., White Rain Shampoo, Conditioner, Mousse or Hair Spray 7-18 oz., Dial Basic or Ivory Bar Soap 3 Pk., Lava Bar Soap 1 Ct.,10 FOR $10

Softsoap Hand Soap 7.5 oz. or Purell Hand Sanitizer 2 oz., Select Varieties

DIAL Bar Soap, 3 Pk., 4-4.5 oz. or Liquid Hand Soap 11.25 oz., Suave Body Wash 12 oz., Gillette Foamy Shave Cream 11 oz., or Equaline Twin Blade Disposable Razors, 2 for $3

EQUALINE Feminine Pads or Tampons 14-24 Ct. or Pantiliners 48-64 Ct., Playtex Personal Cleansing Cloths 16 Ct., Sure Deodorant 2.6-2.7 oz. or Gillette Series or, $1.99 ea.
Satin Care Shave Cream or Gel 7-9 oz., Select Varieties

Huggies products, Purchase $20 or more of Huggies products in a single transaction and receive an instant rebate of $4.00 at checkout.
HUGGIES Baby Bath Wash, Lotion, Shampoo or Hand Soap 9-16 oz., Disposable Wash Cloths 20 Ct. or Changing Pads 8 Ct., Select Varieties, 2 for $5
HUGGIES Baby Wipes 184-232 Ct. or Little Swimmers 10-12 Ct., Select Varieties, $6.49 ea.

Albertsons Elbow Macaroni 16 oz., Select Varieties, $1.00 ea.

Knorr Vegetable Rice or Noodle, 4.9-5.4 oz., Select Varieties, $1.00 ea.

Hamburger, Tuna or Chicken Helper, 5-9 oz., Select Varieties, $1.00 ea.

Albertsons Extra Wide Noodles, 16 oz., Select Varieties, $1.00 ea.

Albertsons Pasta Sauce, 26 oz., Select Varieties, $1.00 ea.

Bertolli Pasta Pouch, 13.5 oz., Select Varieties, $2.00 ea.

Oscar Mayer Fast Franks Smoked Sausages, 8 oz., or Fast Franks Beef Hot Dogs 10.2 oz., Select Varieties, $2.00 ea.

Oscar Mayer Fast Franks, 10.2 oz., $1.50 ea.

Oscar Mayer Mini Beef Hot Dogs or Mini Cheese Hot Dogs 10 oz., $1.50 ea.

JOHN MORRELL Boneless Half Pork Loin , Cut and Wrapped Free, $1.88 lb. -Jul 25 - 27 only

ALBERTSONS Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast or Tenders Family Pack, All Natural, $1.99 lb.

JUMBO Cantaloupes Super Sweet, 2 ea. for $3

RIPE Mangos Fresh, Tropical Taste, Full Case of 12 for $4.00

DEL MONTE Pineapples, 2 for $4

DULCINEA Personal Watermelon, 2 for $4

Nabisco 100 Honey Maid Sticks 8.5-10 oz., Select Varieties, $2.00 ea.

Nabisco Ritz Bits, 7.5 oz., Select Varieties, $2.00 ea.

Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts, 16 oz., Select Varieties, $2.00 ea.

Nabisco Snack Sak, 8 oz., Select Varieties, $1.50 ea.

Nabisco Teddy Grahams, 9.5-10 oz., Select Varieties, $2.00 ea.

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, 6-10 ct., Select Varieties, $1.50 ea.

Albertsons Picante Sauce, 16 oz., Select Varieties, $1.00 ea.

Albertsons Diced Green Chilies, 7 oz., Select Varieties, $1.00 ea.

Hormel Chili, 15 oz., Select Varieties, 50¢ ea.

Libby’s Vegetables, 14.5-29 oz., Select Varieties, 50¢ ea.

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Walmart Deals With Coupon Match Ups

Crystal over at Money Saving Mom does a wonderful Walmart post each week - check it out here

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BOGO Trident Q from Kmart Ad

Here's an ad scan for a Printable Trident manufacturer coupon - which is on sale this week at CVS BOGO and Tom Thumb has it for $1.25 pk as one of their Summer Spectacular items.

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Great Deal on Scrubbing Bubbles

Go here to register and print a coupon for $2.75 off the
Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber
There was a Free after Rebate coupon in the 7/20 SS insert
mail it in and
you'll make a profit of $2.75

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Free DVD From Fisher Price

Go here and get a FREE Planet Heroes DVD - click on the box in the right hand corner that states "select country to begin" - It looks as if you can still get the last one too!

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Free Formula Sample

Get a free sample of Sam's Club Member's Mark Formula
You can pick regular "milk" or "gentle"
I got mine in the mail's a nice size sample!

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Steph's Tom Thumb SUPER SAVINGS

Kudos to Stephanie for actually taking the time to set everything up to get a picture for me! I have a deal with the hubby and kids at my house - mom shops - they put away! They get right on it as soon as I'm in the door so obviously pictures don't get taken of the grocery goodies!

Total Product Value of items pictured: $168.44
Total Paid Out of Pocket: $38.89 and she gets $20. off her next shopping trip!

How's that for SUPER SAVINGS?

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Monday, July 21, 2008

If you haven't already hit up Tom Thumb for the INCREDIBLE Summer Spectacular deal they have going on Totally Should! Just buy 25 qualifying items and you'll skip on out of there with a $20. Catalina good towards your next Tom Thumb purchase...which could be right after you made the first one. Buy 25 more qualifying items and you'll get another $20 Catalina - can roll the Catalina's on this deal! The sale is on until 7/29/08

I just scored 90% off my groceries today and I got another coupon for $20 off my next purchase

My friend Stephanie and I put together a list of items that are the cheapest that we could find thus far. Lots of coupon match up that I will try to update as I have time.

Tava 4 pks BOGO (counts as 2 items)
$1.50 printables
here (I was able to print 4 from this site)

Hansen's soda 6 pks are $2.50
$1.00 off Q previous insert

Betty Crocker Frosting $1.50
$.50 peelie found on BC Cake Mix

Betty Crocker Cake Mix $1.25

Mott's Applesauce 6 pks $2.50
$1/2 printables

Various McCormick Spices Grill mates version as low as $1.59
$.25 off from previous insert

Hunt's Ketchup $2.00
$.20 off from previous insert

Hormel Bacon Bits the large pouch size $3.00
$.35 off from previous insert

Redi-whip in the can $3.00
$.35 off from previous insert

Peter Pan Peanut Butter $2.00
supposedly $1.00 Q, my paper didn't have one though

Mission Fajita size tortillas $1.49
$.55 off from previous insert

Mission Tortilla chips small bag $1.88

Pillsbury crescent, cinnamon rolls, breads $2.50
$.30 - $.35 off coupons from Sunday's insert

Chex Mix $1.99
$1.00 printable

Mt. Olive Pickles $2.50
$1.00 Blinkie found at Tom Thumb

Betty Crocker Potatoes $1.75

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
$.50 off printable

Betty Crocker fruit snacks $2.50
printable coupons same as link above

Hormel Compleats $2.50
$.75 off from previous insert

Lots of General Mills Cereals BOGO $3.39-$.79
$.55 - $.75 printables same as link above

Barilla Plus Penne Pasta $1.49
$.50 off from previous insert

Jolly Time microwave popcorn $1.99
$1.50 and $1.00 off printables

Spray & Wash $3.39
$.50 off from Sunday's insert

Chinette plates $2.49
$1.00 off from recent insert

Hefty foam plates 100 ct $3.99
$1.00 off from recent insert

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $2.00
$.55 off from recent insert

That's all I have confirmed for now.
There are over 3200 items included in the sale so GO CHECK IT OUT!
Remember that Tom Thumb doubles up to a $.50 coupon and triples up to a $.39 coupon -
but only on the 1st like coupon

I've done 3 transactions thus far
spent $59.69 OOP on $214.62 worth of groceries
and I still have a coupon for $20. off my next purchase that doesn't expire until 8.24


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I need your help...

Do any of you seasoned bloggers know what I need to do to fix the formatting? Blogger is not holding the spaces between lines...see how evernything is running together like a paragraph? It doesn't look that way when I type it - HELP!

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

CVS 7/20 What I got for $7.05

L’Oreal Studio or Vive Pro BOGO $4.99
Use BOGO Q from 7/13 SS
Final Price = FREE

American Greeting Cards click here for printable BOGO coupon
Final Price varies depending on cards purchased

Trident Xtra Care BOGO $1.49
Use BOGO Q from today's insert 7/20 SS
Final Price FREE

Cortaid Anti-Itch Cream on sale $3.19
Use $3.00 Q from previous insert
Final Price $.19
Earns $1 ECB

Revlon Cosmetics BOGO
Use (2) $2.00 Q's from today's insert
Final price as low as $.49 (2 eyeshadows)

CVS Brand Baby Sale
Spend $15. Earn $5 ECB's
Baby Wipes are $2.00, CVS Q-tips are 2/$3.00, Diapers are $6.00
CVS Aquafor $3.00, CVS Diaper Cream $3.00, CVS Advil $4.00, ETC.
Use the $2.00 off Skin Care printable on the wipes, q-tips, Aquafor, and diaper cream

I managed to put together 6 transactions using the $3/$15 that expired 7/20/08. Saturday evenings the deals crossover so for me that's the best day to shop! There are still a few money-makers for the week even without the $/$$ CVS coupon. Here's what I got for $4.91 (on a gift card) & $2.14 (cash) - (it would have been less, but I needed cash beck to buy snow cones!)

Transaction #1
CVS Baby Wipes $2.00
2 Revlon Eye Shadow BOGO @$4.29
Veet Bladeless Cream $8.79
Total after BOGO Savings: $15.08
Used $3/$15 CVS Q
$2.00 Veet printable
$2.00 CVS Beauty printable
(2) $2.00 Revlon Q's from Sunday's paper
$3.00 off Revlon CRT

Total OOP: $1.39 on gift card

Transaction #2
CVS (Aquafor) ointment $3.00
Loreal Vive Shampoo & Condition BOGO @ $4.99
Trident Xtracare Gum BOGO @ $1.49
Veet Gel Cream $4.99
Airheads $.79
Total after BOGO Savings: $15.26
Used -$3/$15 CVS Q
-$1.49 Trident Q (Sunday's paper)
-BOGO Loreal Vive -$4.99
-$2.00 Veet (printable)
-$2.00 CVS Beauty Q (printable)

Total OOP: $1.78 on gift card
Earned $6.00 ECB ($1 Trident, $5 Veet)

Transaction #3
CVS Children's Ibuprofen $4.00
CVS Diaper Rash Cream $3.00
Cortaid Cream $3.19
Glade Oil Candle $5.49
Total: $15.68
Used -$3/$15 CVS Q
-$2.00 CVS Beauty printable
-$2.00 Glade candle Q from Sunday's paper
-$2.00 discount for Candle price mis-marked on shelf tag
-$3.00 Cortaid Q from previous insert
-$3.00 ECB's
Total OOP $.68 on gift card
Earned $1 ECB (cortaid)

Transaction #4
3 Glade Scented Oil Refills @$2.49 each= $7.47
CVS (Aquafor type) ointment $3.00
2 Trident xtracare gum BOGO @ $1.49
Total after BOGO savings: $11.96
Used $3/$15 CVS Coupon
(I thought the Glade were priced at $11.37 but they were on sale,
they still let me use the $3/$15)
-$1.49 Trident BOGO Q
-$2.00 CVS Beauty Q
-$2.49 B2G1 Glade Q from Sunday's paper
-$2.98 ECB's

zero OOP
Earned $9 ECB's ($1 Trident, $3 Glade, $5 CVS Baby Products)

Transaction #5
2 Glade Refills @2.49 = $4.98
Cortaid Cream $3.19
2 Loreal Shampoo/Conditioner BOGO @$4.99
CVS Hand Sanitizer Spray $1.79
Total after BOGO Savings: $14.95
Used -$3/$15 CVS Q
-$1.79 CVS Hand Sanitizer CRT
-$3.00 Cortaid from previous insert
-(2) $2.00 Glade Q's from Sunday's insert
-$4.99 Loreal Vive BOGO Q

Total OOP $.17 on gift card
Earned $3 ECB's ($2 glade, $1 cortaid)

Transaction #6
2 Baby Bottle Pops @ $1.49 each = $2.98
(My daughter was with me!)
Used -$1 ECB
$2.14 on Debit card
(so we could get cash back for the snow cones)
Earned $1 ECB

Transaction #7 (on husband's card)
4 Tide liquid found on Clearance @ $1.29 each = $5.16
2 Glade refills @ $2.49 each = $4.98
Glade refill on sale $1.90
2 Dasani water @ $1.39 each = $2.78
2 Glade candles @ $2.99 = $5.98
Total: $20.80
Used -$3/$15 CVS Q
-$1.00 Glade Q
-$16.98 ECB's
Total OOP: $.89 on gift card
Earned $5 ECB's ($4 for Glade, $1 Dasani)

This last transaction was not well thought out, I should know better but, I didn't have my stash of coupons with me. When I found the Tide on clearance I quickly picked up some items to get close to $15.00 to at least use the $3 off Q. In hindsight, I would not have bought the 2 Dasani waters. The cashier also rang up 2 candles when I actually bought 4 glade refills and just 1 candle - I paid a little more because of her mistake. Lastly, I didn't know that one of the refills was on sale...hence it did not generate the $1 ECB that I was expecting. Oh Well - I had a lot of ECB's to use and I got a GREAT SUPER SAVINGS on the Tide!

Total Product Value: $131.96
Total OOP: $7.05
ECB's Used: $23.96
ECB's Earned: $25.00

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Walmart Deals/Printable Coupon Matchups

Tava 4 packs regular priced $1.98
Printable Q $1.50/1 HERE

Cascadian Farms Organic Purely Steam packages are around $1.66

Blue Bunny Popsicles 12 ct are $1.50
HERE exp 7/31

Bertolli Premium Pasta Sauce on sale for $1.78
$1/1 coupon HERE

V8 Fusion is $2.98
Printable $2/1HERE

Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix regular price .72
$0.55/1 Q HERE

Small bag of Cheerio Mix is $1.50
Printable $0.60/1

Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise is $1.50

Kashi crackers are $2.50/box
this $2/1 coupon is printable

Kashi Cereal is 2/$4
HERE sign up and PRINT $2/1 coupons

Fiber One Yogurt 6 packs-around $2.50
PRINTABLE herefor $1.25 off coupon

Honey Bunches of Oats Just Clusters $2.50
$2 Printable coupon

Honey Bunches of Oats Chocolate Clusters $2.32
PRINTABLE Q for $2.00 off

Yo Plus Yogurt regular price $2.00
$1/1 Printable

South Beach drink mixes $2.00
$2.00 off printable Q

Malt-O-Meal Cereal box or small bag $1.00 - $3.00
Printable $1/1 Coupon

16 oz. Planter's Cocktail Peanuts are priced around $2.69
Q states "$3 off any Planter's product 9 oz. or larger when you buy three Kraft products"
so buy the nuts and 3 Kool-Aid packets (I found them for $.20 cents)
Printable $3 off Q

Johnson's Buddies Soap or Johnson's trial size shampoo or lotion $.97

Post-It Page Markers $0.97
Post-it $3 off of 2 PRINTABLE

Purina Cat Food - Select Varities $3.97
$4 off any bag of Purina PRINTABLE HERE

Purina Puppy Chow 4lb bag $4.12
$4 off any bag of Purina PRINTABLE HERE

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Children's Place Clearance Sale

Get a jump on Back to School shopping at The Children's Place.

Here's what Sandra had to say about her Super Savings... "I went to children's place yesterday and they are having a huge sale 50% off the clearance price. I was able to get madeline some jeans for 2 dollars. I bought all three of my kids their back to school shoes and only spent 16 dollars for all three. I would hurry and go before there is nothing left. They have swim suits, t shirts, tanks, shorts, skirts, jeans, all kinds of things. I think you can google a 20% off coupon as well, if not I have one that I can e-mail you. I have been mass printing them everytime I go and they work everytime. I bought everything my kids need for back to school and even spencer and spent less then 200 dollars. I thought that was steal.

Here's a printable coupon for an additional 20% off

The sale ends July 31st.

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Target Deals

My hubby and I had a date night last night, after dinner and floor shopping we went to Target to work the diaper deal AGAIN and found a few more things to pass on.

Many children's shoes were marked and additional 75% off, mostly summer sandles. We also found several styles of Converse that were marked down to $9.98 - $13.98. I particularly LOVED the silver slip ons! Cheap Back-to-School Shoes!

There is also a GREAT deal on Skippy Peanut Butter.
Just print out the Target coupon for $1 off Skippy
here then buy the 16-oz jar that is on sale this week 3/$5, you'll pay just $.66 each. So Stock Up!

Lastly, we found a 20-count box of Electrasol Dishwasher tablets on sale for $3.00, used a $2.25 coupon from last Sunday's paper to got it for just $.75 cents!

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Old Navy

I went to get a birthday gift yesterday for a friend at Old Navy and stumbled upon an incredible sale!

Extra 50% off all clearance!

I stocked up on lots of great summer clothes for next year - Tshirts were as low as $.97 and swimsuits were $3.50, they even had zip up jackets for winter for $3.50.

Cheap, Cheap, Cheap - Do you buy for next season like I do?

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You can register here for a Buy One Get One Free at Jamba Juice.


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Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Friday Shopping

This is a list of what I'm buying, where I'm gettin' it and what coupon(s) I'm using:


Planters Nuts $3.88 & 3 pkgs of Koolaid $.63
-$3.00 Planters Q = $1.49

V8 Fusion $2.98
- $2.00 Q= $.98

Dannon 8 ct Yogurt $1.98 - $1.00 Q 06/23 SS = $.98

Powerade 32 oz $.60 - $.75 Q from 06/08 insert= Free +overage

Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise $1.50 - $1.00 Q = $.50

Honey Bunches of Oats Just Bunches $2.64 - $2.00 Q = $.64

Cascadian Farms Frozen Veggies (Edamame) $1.66 - $1.00 Q = $.66

Suave Lotion 3.25 oz $.97 - $1.00 Q from recent insert = Free+overage (charity)

Pert Plus w/Botanicals $2.97 - $3.00 Q from recent insert = Free+overage (charity)


Bounty Basic Paper Towels $.99 - $1.00 Q P&G insert = Free

3 Johnson & Johnson Cucumber Melon Baby Wash and/or Lotion 27 oz. @ clearance priced @ $3.59 each - (3) $1.00 off Q's from insert & -(3) $1.00 July Easy Saver = $4.77 OOP and I'll earn $5.00 RR

2 Schick razors 10pk $5.99 - $5.00/1 Q & BOGO Q from inserts and - $2.00 July EasySaver = Free +overage (charity)


2 pks Bic Crystal Pens 10pk $.50 each - $1.00/2 Q here = Free

Pampers Swim Diapers if they are marked down to $2.99 - $2.00 Target Pampers Q and $2.00 Pampers Q from P&G insert = FREE

Pampers Cruisers Jumbo $9.99 and Pampers Wipes 180 ct $5.00 - $5.00 Target Q, -$2.00 diapers, -$1.00 wipes = $6.99 and I'll earn a $5.00 Target Gift Card with this Q = $1.99 OOP

Pond's Cleansing Towelettes - (to get peelie for free movies tickets to Mama Mia if I can find them) $3.48 - $1.50 Target Q from 6/8/08 insert and -$1.50 manufacturer Q from 6/29/08 insert = $.48

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CVS Preview Week of 7/20

ECB Deals::

24.7 Skin Care: buy any product, get $5 ECBs (limit 1)

Clean & Clear: spend $15, get $5 ECBs (limit 5) $2/1 Clean & Clear printable coupon $5/1 Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit printable coupon $2/1 Clean & Clear Invisible Acne Patch printable coupon

Aveeno, Band-Aid, Benadryl, Cortaid or Neutrogena:
buy any at 20% off regular retail, get $1 ECB (limit 5)
$2/1 Neutrogena Therapeutic Haircare Product
printable coupon
$1/1 Band Aid Ultra Strips (6/22 RP)
$1/1 Band Aid Ultra Strips (6/15 SS)
$1/1 Neutrogena Men Product (6/1 RP)
$1/1 Band Aid Product (5/18 RP)
$1/1 Aveeno Continuous Protection Sun Care (5/18 RP)
$.50/1 Band Aid Bandages (4/27 RP)

Boost Nutrition Drink (6 pk): 3/$20.97, get $5 ECBs (limit 1)
$2/2 nutrition drink coupon and a $2/1 smoothie coupon in the 6/1 SS

Crest, Fixodent or Oral-B Twin Pack: buy any, get $2 ECBs (limit 3)

CVS Baby Care Products: spend $15, get $5 ECBs (limit 1)
Includes diapers, wipes, shampoo, baby oil, baby lotion, baby wash, diaper rash cream, cotton swabs and children’s pain relief medication *some items match with the $2.00 CVS Beauty Coupon here

Glade Refills: $2.49, get $1 ECB (limit 5)
$1/2 coupon in the 6/8 SS
look for a buy-two-get-one-free coupon on Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills in the 7/20 SS on Sunday

Kotex: 2/$11, get $3 ECBs (limit 5)
$.75/1 Kotex Lightdays Pantiliners (7/20 SS)
$1/1 Kotex Pads (7/20 SS)
$.75/1 Kotex Security Tampons (7/20 SS)
$1/1 Kotex Products
printable coupon
$1/1 Kotex Security Tampons (6/8 SS)
$1/1 Kotex Pads (6/8 SS)
$1/1 Kotex Lightdays Pantiliners (6/8 SS)

L’Oreal Bare Naturale: buy any product, get $2 ECBs (limit 5)
$1/1 L’Oreal Lip Color coupon in the 4/27 RP (expires 7/20)
$1/1 L’Oreal Eye Product (6/1 RP)

Gillette Shampoo or Conditioner: $5.99, get $1 ECB (limit 1)
$1/1 coupon (7/13 RP)

Pepsi (12-pk): 4/$11, get $3 ECBs (limit 1)

Physicians Formula Organic Cosmetics: spend $10, get $5 ECBs (limit 1)

Veet Hair Remover: spend $10, get $5 ECBs (limit 1)
$2/1 Veet hair removal printable coupon and another $2/1 Veet printable coupon

Free Deals::

FreeStyle Lite or Freedom Lite: $9.99
Use mail-in rebate inside box for full purchase price

L’Oreal Studio or Vive Pro: buy-one-get-one-free
BOGO coupon 7/13 SS

Trident Xtra Care: buy-one-get-one-free
Look out for the buy-one-get-one-free coupon in the 7/20 SS Sunday

BOGO Deals::

CVS Cleaner

CVS Premium Disposable Razors

CVS Power Flash Camera: get two for $7.99

CVS Supplements

Energizer EZ Change
$1/1 printable coupon

Kellogg’s Cereals: get two for $3.99
Includes Corn Flakes, Raisin Bran, Rice Krispies, Apple Jacks & Froot Loops

L’Oreal HIP Lip, Eye or Face
$1/1 L’Oreal Lip Color coupon 4/27 RP (expires 7/20)
$1/1 L’Oreal Eye Product in the 6/1 RP

Maxwell House Coffee

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Mega-T Dietary Supplement

Pilot G2 Pens or Mini Pencils

Revlon Lip Color, Nail Enamel or Eye
Look for a $2/1 coupon in the 7/20 SS

All Laundry Detergent
$1/1 printable coupon

Almay Cosmetics
$2.00 off CRT in store scanner

$1.50/1 printable coupon

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Grocery Deals 7/16-7/23

Kroger still has the $3 promotion from last week ~ mix and match to buy any 3 participating products, get $3 deducted at checkout. Limit 3 rewards per transaction. (price shown assumes you buy 3 and is AFTER the $3 discount). Also, check out the e-coupons here that will stack with paper coupons on a few of these products. I've only included the items that I believe to be at a decent price point:

- Herbal Essences shampoo or conditioner, $1.50;$3/2 coupon from 7/6 = two FREE

- Crest premium toothpaste, $1.59; $0.50 and $0.75 coupons from 7/6 P&G =$0.59 or $0.84

- Pampers wipes (60-77ct), $1.69; use the $0.50 coupon from 7/6 P&G =$0.69

- Tide (24-32 ld), Downy (52-60 ld), or Bounce (105-120 ct), $4.99; $0.35 Tide & $0.50 Downy coupons from 7/6 P&G or use this $1 Downy coupon =$4.09 Tide, $3.99 for Downy

- Charmin Ultra bath tissue (12 big rolls), $5.50; $0.25 coupon from 7/6 P&G and this $0.25 loadable coupon =$4.50

- Always maxipads (24-80 ct) $3.99; use the B1G1 FREE Always coupon from 7/6 P&G= 2 for $3.99

- Secret or Old Spice deodorant, $1.39; $0.50 Secret coupon from 7/6 =or $0.39 or the$1/2 Old Spice coupon = $0.89 each

- Gillette or Satin Care shave gel, $1.39; $0.55 coupons from 7/6 P&G

- Pantene shampoo or conditioner, $2.34; $2 coupon from 7/6 P&G= $.34

- Pringles Stix, $1.99;loadable $0.50 coupon = $.99

- Duracell batteries (AA or AAA 4ct, C or D 2ct, 9V 1ct), $2.00; use the $0.75 coupon from 6/29 SS= $1.25

- Swiffer refills (24-32 cloths), $5.99; $1 loadable coupon and the $0.50 coupon from 7/6 P&G = $3.99

- Gillette Venus Embrace razor, $9.99;
$3 loadable coupon and $2 coupon from 7/6 P&G=$4.99

Kroger is also advertising a 10 for $10 promotion ~ Here are some of the $1 items from the ad::

- Kroger frozen vegetables, $1.00

- Kroger peanut butter, $1.00

- Sunny Delight, $1.00

- Pringles chips, $1.00; $0.30/3 coupon 6/29 RP

- Rice-a-Roni and Pasta Roni, $1.00; $0.50 coupon to get the Nature's Way varieties FREE

- French's mustard, $1.00; $0.50 coupon = FREE

- Hunt's pudding snack pack, $1.00

- Betty Crocker cake mix, $1.00

- Duncan Hines brownies, $1.00; $1/2 coupon= $.50 each wyb 2

- Bounty Basic paper towels, $1.00; $0.25 coupon 7/6 P&G =$.25 each

- Del Monte pineapple 20 oz, $1.00

- Daisy sour cream 8 oz, $1.00

A few other deals this week::

- Sirloin steak, $3.99/lb (limit 2 w/$10 purchase)

- 1-lb Strawberries, $1.25

- Organic peaches, plums, or nectarines, $1.99/lb

- Cored golden pineapple, $3.49

- Ozarka water 24 pk, $3.99

- Breyers ice cream 48 oz or Ben & Jerry's 16 oz, $2.27
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Find a new $5 off $25 Toys R Us coupon here

Good July 18th & 19th Only

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Target Diaper Deals

Did anyone find swim diapers for $2.99? The Target I went to had them on clearance for $9.99 - not such a good deal. Let me know if you find them any cheaper!

Pampers Splashers and Huggies Little Swimmers are reportedly on temporary price cut at Target for $2.99 a pack. $1.50 manufacturer coupons for Pamper Splashers were in the 7/6 inserts and you can find a Target printable coupon in the generator here for $1.50 off. Stack these and you'll get the pack of Splashers FREE after coupons. There were also manufacturer coupons for $1.25 off Huggies Little Swimmers on the 6/22 inserts or you can use the $1.50 off printable here to get Huggies Swimmers for $1.49 a pack.

You can still find great Target printables here for $5.00 off WYB Pampers diapers and Pampers Wipes in the same transaction. Combine that Q with get a FREE $5.00 Target gift card Q (and remember you can stack with manufacturer coupons for the best deal). Even without the Manu. Q's you'll get diapers and a big pack of wipes for $10.98+tax OOP & a $5.00 gift card to use on anything else at Target! Turn around a buy more diapers and wipes with the same Q's and pay just $5.98+tax and get another gift card! Cooh huh?

Then go to the Caregiver's Market Place ~ you can also get a rebate on the Huggies!

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How do you like the new look?

Thanks to Jen at Trendy Mommy Blog Design!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kroger P&G Sale & Deals

P&G releases a coupon insert on the first Sunday of EVERY month
Stores run P&G promotions around the same time = SUPER SAVINGS for you!

P&G eSaver (digital coupon program for Kroger stores) and which mimics several current paper coupons enable you to load coupon savings directly on to your Kroger card - these digital savings can STACK with paper coupons.

This week's Kroger sale includes an additional reward at the register
Buy 3 select P&G products, recieve a $3 instant savings at the register
You can get 3 "$3 instant savings" per transaction = $9 off
Today is the last day of the sale ~Tuesday 7/15
Remember you have to buy increments of 3!
Bounty 2pks on sale $3.99 ea-
-$1 MQ
-$0.50 eSaver Q doubles to $1.00
-$1 (P&G Instant Q)
= $.99 OOP
Charmin 12 pks on sale $6.49 ea
- $1 MQ
- $0.25 eSaver Q, triples to $.75
- $1 (P&G Instant Q)
= $3.74 OOP
Tide Detergent on sale $5.88 ea
- $1 MQ
- $1 (P&G Instant Q)
=$3.88 OOP
2 Old Spice Deodorant on sale $2.26
- $1 off 2 MQ
- $2 (P&G Instant Q)
$1.52 OOP ($.76 each)
Crest Pro Health Toothpaste on sale $2.69
- $1 MQ
- $1 (P&G Instant Q)
= $.69 OOP
1 Pampers Wipes Refill on sale $5.99
- (1) $0.50 MQ
- $1 (P&G Instant Q)
=$3.99 OOP
2 Herbal Essence Shamp/Cond on sale $3
- $3 off 2 MQ
- $2 (P&G Qualifier)
=$1.00 OOP for both ($.50 each)
Pantene Pro-V on sale $3.69
- $2 MQ
- $1 (P&G Qualifier)
=$1.69 OOP
Gillette Shave Gel on sale $1.99
- $0.55 MQ
- $1 (P&G Qualifier)
=$.44 OOP
Other Deals::
Lean Pockets on sale $1.66
- (1) $0.40 MQ, doubles to $.80
=$.86 OOP
Asst Cereals on sale $1.88 ea
- $1 IP (Print HERE)
as low as $.88 OOP
there are many manu. coupons out there
1 Powerade on sale $0.69
- $1 MQ (overage)
= Free
Cans of Planters Peanuts on sale $3.59
- $3 IP (Print HERE) but you must also purchase 3 Kraft products to qualify the cheapest is to buy 63 Koolaid packets on sale $0.21
-$ 1.22 for nuts & koolaid
SHOUT on sale $2
- $1 MQ
= $1.00

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