Thursday, July 3, 2008

CVS My Super Savings

I am fortunate enougth to have 3 CVS stores on my drive home so I decided to try to to get some of the deals advertised this week.

First stop....NOTHING IN STOCK.

Second Stop I was able to do one transaction:
2 pkgs cleansing cloths $2.99 each = $5.98
1 Coppertone Sunscreen stick at $4.79
(asked the cashier before she rang me up if I could use 2 CVS Q's in the same transaction, she said yes and also scanned an extra $1 CVS coupon for me - SO NICE!)
Used (2) $2.00 CVS Beauty Q printable here
Paid $.77 on Gift Card and $5 ECB's
Earned $5.98 ECB's for cleansing cloths
(and have 1 product purchased towards Coppertone deal)

Third Stop totally made my day because they had lots of the Coppertone Sunscreen Sticks - I searched for them and found them hidden back on a shelf!

Transaction #2
1 Coppertone Sunscreen stick at $4.79
2 Schick Intuition Razor refills BOGO $10.19
Used (2) $4.00 Schick Q's
Paid $.50 OOP and $6.48 ECB's
Earned $10 ECB's for the Coppertone deal

Transaction #3 (on my husband's card)
2 Coppertone Sunscreen sticks at $4.79 = $9.58
1 Hershey Bar at $.50
Paid $.08 OOP and $10 ECB's
Earned $10 ECB's

Got $46.02 in product - spent $.58 cash, $.77 on gift card, $21.48 ECB's
Earned $25.98 ECB's $3.15 Profit ~ That's SUPER SAVING!


Susan said...

Can you tell me where you found the coppertone sticks? I keep looking for them but haven't found them. I have been to 3 CVS store in the past 3 days but haven't found them.

Jen said...

I found 1 at the store on Mid-Cities & Precinct Line and 3 more at Rufe Snow & Mid-Cities. The Rufe Snow Store had several more in the sunscreen area back behind some of the bottles on the shelf. I'd ask the mgr at the stores you shop what day their truck comes in and shop later on that day if you are looking for specific items during the week. That has worked out pretty good for me. I never could find the Physicians Formula mascara this week....Ugh!