Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tips from The Coupon Mom

By The Associated Press
"Coupon Mom" offers tips for finding coupons and saving money on groceries and staples
Stephanie Nelson, a Marriott International sales and marketing executive, wanted to stay home with two young children but needed to make that financially feasible. She began studying couponing in 1995, and has turned it into an art form that saves her $75 to $100 a week on grocery bills. That led to start her "The Coupon Mom" Web site which she has built into a business, with a half-million subscribers to the free, advertiser-supported site that offers coupons, tips on deals and other advice.

Here are 10 tips Nelson provided to The Associated Press for novice couponers:
-- Know how your stores' coupon policies work. Ask if they double coupons.
-- Wait to use grocery coupons when the item is on sale. You might get the item free!
-- Buy two to three copies of the Sunday newspaper to load up on grocery coupons.
-- Print free coupons from coupon Web sites. Also download electronic coupons to your loyalty card from store sites such as
-- Be brand-flexible. Buy the brand that's on sale with a coupon, or get the store brand if it's less expensive.
-- Sign up for your store's loyalty card and provide complete mailing information. You'll get special store coupons.
-- Know the usual prices for your regular items and stock up when they're discounted.
-- Shop once a week or less to reduce impulse shopping. Plan your week's meals around your store's sale items.
-- Be flexible about your store choices. Check ads for area stores and shop at the one with the best deals on your items that week.
-- Use the drugstore savings programs. Combine sale prices, store coupons and automatic rebates to get free merchandise every week.

Find more here - I LOVE that she offers the information FREE to her readers!


nyactor said...
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Susan said...

I noticed a deal at Kroger that ends on Tuesday. They have Chef Boyardee on sale for $.70 each if you buy 10 participating items. I found a coupon in the 5/19 insert I think. There are two Chef Boyardee coupons, one for $1/2 and another for $.35/3 . With two sets of coupons you could get 10 items for about $3.00.