Tuesday, July 1, 2008

They're Stealing Your Money.....

Jen's Tip: Check your Receipt.
If I had not had a watchful eye I would have lost out on would you believe....$10.68 in savings. I have my shopping down to a science these days. I scan the ads, match up the coupons and ALWAYS shop with a list. I know what I am buying and how much I should be paying for it almost down to the penny. This way I know if something goes awry I can catch it...and I DO!

First stop, Albertson's:
I purchased curry sauce that was marked $2.99 on the shelf
It rang up $3.49 - took my receipt to customer service = got it for FREE!

Next stop, Kroger:
They had a deal where you can purchase 10 items in a single transaction and get $3.00 off instantly. I purchased 10 items however, the cashier only rang up 9 of them so I didn't get the extra $3 off. The cashier also rang up 2 boxes of Frozen Fruit Pops at $3.19 each - I only purchased 1 box! Took my receipt to customer service = got the $3.00 instant savings and an additional $1 because he didn't scan right and the $3.19 for the Pops = $7.19! Maybe I am just unlucky...but this happens to me all the time!

So check your receipts and keep a close eye on the cashiers as they are scanning your coupons. I like to count the amount of the coupons I hand over to make sure I get what's suppose to come off. Be confident and contest when they make a mistake, in a nice way of course. Kroger, Tom Thumb and Albertson's all have scan right guarantees...if you get charged inaccurately and you catch the error, you should get it for free!

So has this ever happened to you and what did you do?

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Susan said...

I've had that happen to me a lot. The other day Target scanned an item twice. I went to customer service to get the money back. Wal-mart will give you the item free if it is scanned wrong, or give you $3 off too.