Monday, July 7, 2008

Have I told you how much I dislike Walmart?

I hate their outrageously full parking lots.
I hate standing in their FOREVER long lines.
& I especially hate haggling with their ignorant and rude cashiers over legitimate coupons!
I had a cashier the other day that dropped a few coupons on the floor and was not even paying attention to what or if she was even scanning them! I said whoa! that spends just like money lady (in a friendly way of course). I had counted the amounts before I handed them to her and had a list of what I was buying with the coupon match ups....luckily! Another cashier came to help out and started scrutinizing the Internet coupons...."is this real, I don't think we can take these if they ain't printed in color." What? What if you only have a black & white printer huh???
So, I decided - like many others I might add - to see if I could locate Walmart's coupon policy
and is it! I'm going to print a copy and keep it in my coupon organizer just in case I need to yank it out and show those cashiers their own corporate policy.
Had a similar experience at Walgreen's - why do you suppose cashiers hate to see us saving money? I decided I would get some business like cards made up with my blog address to share the love with them...then maybe they'll be nicer and more understanding when they are getting the SUPER SAVINGS like the rest of us! What do ya think?