Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Get a Jump on Back to School Shopping

Now is the time to get the hottest deals - ESPECIALLY since items are actually IN STOCK!
I waited too long last year and never could find the dang construction paper that I needed.

Their sale ends today so see the previous post here for what they have on sale.

Sale started 7/7 and runs through the end of July

Paper portfolios with pockets or prongs $.10
RoseArt 24 count crayons $.10
1 subject notebooks are $.10
Crayola 24 count crayon $.25
Elmer's Glue, various kinds $.20
Spacemaker school Box or Mainstage 10 count pencils, $.48
RoseArt colored pencils $.50
10 count markers $.50
PaperMate 8 pack grip pens or 10 pack stick pens $.50
150 count ruled paper $.50
Crayola colored pencils (12 ct) $.88
1 inch 3 ring binder $.55