Sunday, July 13, 2008

My weekend deals CVS & Target= $1.90 OOP

I'm trying to get better about posting my deals after I get them so here goes:
My favorite CVS loads next week's deals on Saturday afternoons so the best time for me to shop is on Saturday evenings - I can get crossover deals from both weeks! Everything pictured is still on sale this coming week with exception of the Pringles and tampons.

I started out with $10 ECB's to spend:

Transaction #1
3 cans Pringles $3. earns $1 ECB
1 Speedo goggles (25% off) $8.24
1 Playtex Tampons $4.99, earns $3 ECB
$3/$15 CVS Coupon
$1 off Playtex
$.30 off Pringles
$10 ECB's to pay
$1.93 on gift card
Earned $4 ECB's

Transaction #2
1 Neutrogena Mascara $5.99, earns $4 ECB
4 Sally Hansen Nail Polish $3.96
2 Bic Candle Lighters BOGO $4.99
$3/$15 CVS coupon
$1 off Neutrogena mascara
(2) $1 off Bic lighter
$3/2 off Sally Hansen printable
$.96 (I used a $3/2 Sally Hansen but they adjusted it down to the exact price, so no overage)
$3 ECBs to pay
$1.98 oop on gift card
Earned 4 ECBs

Transaction #3
1 pair goggles (25%off) $5.24
4 2 liter Coke products BOGO $3.38
(2) $1/2 Coke 2 liters
$5 ECBs to pay
$1.62 on gift card
Zero ECB's left to roll

So in essence I paid nothing for everything I got because I had the gift card. In hindsight I could have done a little better if I had planned the transactions out in advance but FREE is all good! I didn't care about earning ECB's so much on these transactions because I have so many right now. My kids wanted new swim goggles!
After CVS I scooted over to Target to further stock up on Pampers diapers and wipes::
Transaction #1
1 pkg Pampers diapers $9.99
1 pkg Pampers wipes $5.99
1 4pk of Playdoh (what was I thinking?)
Used -$5 off diapers & wipes Target printable
-$3 off diapers & wipes Target coupon from newspaper insert
-$1 Pampers diapers
-$.50 Pampers wipes
Coupon for $5 Target gift card wyb Pampers diapers & wipes
Paid $6.92 OOP
Received a $5 Target gift card

Transaction #2 (used same coupons)
1 pkg Pampers diapers $9.99
1 pkg Pampers wipes $5.99
Used -$5 Target Q
-$3 Target Q
-$1 Pampers diapers
-$.50 Pampers wipes
Coupon for $5 Target gift card
Total : $4.98
Paid with the $5 gift card from previous transaction
zero OOP
Received a $5 Target gift card

Trip total $1.90 out of pocket
If you are wondering how I used so many Target Q's in the same transaction ?? Well, I asked my cashier if I could stack them as long as they were all different coupons....she said YES!
If you need help obtaining any of the above referenced Target printable coupons I got them at A Full Cup!