Saturday, January 3, 2009

$3 CVS brand coupon= what can you get for FREE?

The $3 off any CVS brand item coupon expires 1/17/09 it's available in the online version of The Beacon Baltimore Edition

Here's how to access the coupon:
Step 1. go to
Step 2. Click on the "Balt Edition"
Step 3. Go to Page 14 by selecting it from the top menu.
Step 4. the Page will load on the left side. Click on the page and a larger image of the page loads on the right side.Thanks to

This coupon is valid on CVS brand items only -
there are so many items you can score for FREE - this is a sampling:

CVS Beauty Bar soap 2 packs $1.99
CVS Emerald Mist Deodorant Soap 3 Pak in Aloe Vera or Hydrating Burst
CVS Aloe Cool & Fresh Light Moisture Lotion 3.3 oz $1.49
Essence of Beauty loofah bath sponge $1.99
CVS Advanced Healing Fragrance Free Lotion $1.49
CVS Mild Hypoallergenic Baby Oil 4 oz $1.49
CVS Total Moisture Dry Skin Lotion 3.3 oz $1.49
CVS hand sanitizers and liquid hand soaps are priced $1.19-$1.99
CVS Kid's Body Wash $2.99
CVS Sunblock lotion SPF 30 2 oz- $2.19
CVS Medicated Apricot Scrub $2.99
CVS Hydrating Body Wash w/ essential oils 12 oz $2.99
CVS Moisturizing Body Wash 12 oz $2.99

thanks to Slick Deals
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