Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My CVS Super Savings this Week

Sorry No Picture this week
I'm busy getting my little gal ready for her first adventure with Girl Scout Camp which brings back great memories of my own childhood.
Anyway, this is what I got:

2 transactions (so far)
Total Product Value: $64.61
ECBs Used: $21.00
ECBs Earned: $30.00
Total OOP: $4.61
Profit of $4.39

Here's the breakdown
Transaction #1
16 Soy Joy Bars, $16.00
20 oz Aluminum water bottle (for camp of course), $6.99
CVS disposable flash camera, clearance $3.25 (also for camp)
Sugar free Fruit Stripe Gum, $1.19 (because I had my I wanter son with me)
Total: $20.44
Used (8) BOGO Soy Joy Qs
$2/10 Soy Joy Q
$14 ECBs
Paid $3.43 cash
Earned $16.00 ECBs
final cost = $1.43

Transaction #2
4 Soy Joy Bars, $4.00
CVS reusable film camera, $2.25 clearance (for camp)
Almay PureBlends Powder, $13.99
(4) Schick disposable razors, $.99 (trial size) = $3.96
(2) CVS AAA Batteries, $6.49 BOGO (for my office did not count in total)
Used $5/$30 CRT
(2) BOGO Soy Joy Qs
(2) $2.00 off Schick Razor Qs, (adj to $3.96)
$1.00 off Almay Q
$2 off $10 CVS brand CRT
$2 off Almay CRT
Used $7.00 ECBs
Paid $8.20 OOP (which $7.02 of was for the batteries)
Earned $14 ECBs
Profit of $5.82

That's it....how did you do this week?

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Southwest Coupon Clipper said...

As usual, Amazing Savings!!!

admin said...

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Susan said...

Jen - Where have you been? Is everything okay? I keep checking back and I am surprised you haven't updated yet.