Monday, April 7, 2008

Picture People Deal

So here’s the skinny on how to get a $40 portrait package for $5.
Let me just say, I love the Picture People !
If you follow these instructions, the portrait package that you would get consists of one 8×10 ($20 value) and four 4×6 ($20 value) pictures. Of course, you could always scan the free 8×10 into your computer and print off tons of pictures, but there are copyright laws against doing that (oh well), so I’m going to show you how you can still get those photos that you really wanted to get while you were in the studio that you didn’t buy because you…uh…sort of still wanted to buy groceries for your family that week.
1. How to get the FREE 8×10
Get your FREE 8×10 or 10×13
Go to your
nearest Picture People and have your child’s portraits taken
Hand over your coupon
Walk away with your FREE 8×10!
2. How to get four 4×6’s for $5
After the portrait session, Picture People will send you an e-mail with a link to the pictures from your latest sitting
From there, you will be directed to Picture People’s
Smile Store which is hosted by Zazzle
You will then create a POST CARD ($0.99 cents each) for each of the pictures that you choose (I chose four).
Save your post card creations and then submit your order.
And there you have it. The post cards are beautifully printed and fit in any 4×6 frame. You could always get more than four pictures since they are only $0.99

Another tip… Instead of buying wallet size pictures every time you get your child’s picture taken to give to your entire family, simply e-mail them the link to the recent portrait sitting so that they can check them out online. Of course, grammie and grampie may want a printed copy every month, so go ahead and make them a postcard!

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