Thursday, April 10, 2008

Should you be shopping at Dollar Stores?

Items You Could Be Buying at the Dollar Store
Just about every city in America has one — Everything costs just $1, but these businesses can be storehouses of — how can we put this nicely — crap. But a survey of the inventory at your local dollar store can actually uncover some great deals. Here are some items you may want to look for.

1. Toys. Shopping for toys at the dollar store goes back to the basics of coloring books and sidewalk chalk. It may not be enough to compete with an Xbox or an iPod, but there's some cool stuff. You won't see many familiar brand names. Instead, the stores usually carry things like Magic Dough (instead of Play-Doh) or Goofy String (also known as silly string).

2. Party Supplies. Whether you're planning a barbeque or a birthday party chances are you need cups. And plates. And sporks. Your local dollar store is likely to carry party items like napkins, wine glasses and decorations. If you're giving a gift, check out the gift bags. These can be pricey at card shops and the dollar store versions are often just as nice.

3.Craft Items and Office Supplies. If you're not picky about the brand of glue stick you use or the type of tape that's stashed in your desk, the dollar store can be a good source for craft items.

4. Cleaning Supplies. Most of us don't like to clean. And we especially don't want to pay a lot to do it. If you plan to embark on some spring cleaning you may want to stock up on supplies at the dollar store. Many dollar stores carry cleaning items like mops, laundry baskets, brushes, and brooms.

5. Storage Boxes. 'Tis the season for spring cleaning and that means getting organized. Looking for a place to stow the clutter? Pick up plastic storage boxes, baskets and crates at the dollar store. Just don't buy more stuff to stash in them.

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