Wednesday, June 18, 2008


If you missed the promotion a couple months ago, don't miss it this time! Right now they are giving away a free 8x8 photo book with 30 free pages, 200 free 4x6 prints, and 200 free 5x7 prints to new members. Sign up here -

If you signed up and didn't ever redeem your free prints...why the heck not??
Do it here get those free prints!

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root said...

When you sign up, you get the 400 free prints and a free photobook, but there is a lot more free stuff to be had here!

On top of the free stuff you get when you sign up, here are several more coupon codes for free things after you sign up:
60 free 8x10 prints: 60FREE8X10
24 free 12x18 prints: 24FREE12X18S
10 more free photo books: FREE10XPB
discounted ($7.99) shipping for first two photo books: SHIPPING799

It is a lot of "free" stuff, but the shipping prices are high. In the end, it is still a fraction of the price of the local drug store.