Monday, June 16, 2008

The order of the coupons does matter...

You'll need this info when shopping at CVS

The order of the coupons and ECBs you give the cashier are important.

Have you ever been to CVS and starting giving manufacturer coupons to try and pay for your items, and THEN the $ off $$ coupon and they just give it right back and say "Your order total is less than $$." - then they make you buy something else before you can use your coupon. Which, totally messed up the good deal you were trying to get??? Well, read on.....

Point number 1:
If you are going to use the $ off $$ CVS coupons make sure to hand them those coupons first.
Do not just hand over all your coupons and ECBs over to the cashier at should hand over the $ off $$ first, then ECB's, then manufacturer coupons.

This is effectively only taxing things after applying the coupon, which brings us to point 2:
The tax on your order is first calculated when all the items have been scanned. Then, as you hand over the your CVS coupons and ECBs, your total gets reduced by the coupon amount times (1+tax rate), not just the value of those coupons.

Point 3:
ECBs also reduce your order total by the ECB amount time (1+tax rate).
To sum it all up the order to hand things in does matter, but you should also be aware that ECBs and CVS coupons are actually worth more than what they are advertised as...they knock off tax in addition. Manufacturer coupons only take off the advertised coupon amount. Given this, hand over: 1. CVS coupons, 2. ECBs, then 3. manufacturer coupons to ensure you get most of the taxes reduced as well.

Happy CVS-ing!


hayley said...

so, how do you know how many ecbs you'll need to use if you hand them over before you hand over your manufactured coupons? sometimes i end up using less ecb than i originally thought i would use. -hayley

Jen said...

The best way is to have the amounts calculated before checkout. I take a calculator with me to the store and jot the prices down on a piece of paper.
I know what the subtotal of the transaction should be ahead of time so I know what ECB amounts to use. You can give your ECB's last it will just make a little differenc in the amount of tax you pay.