Monday, February 9, 2009


If you know what those letters mean - RULDS? You might want to keep reading (of course if you don't you can keep reading too!).
Yesterday my Bishop posed a question in ward council about preparedness...

Who in the ward would be qualified to teach about Food Storage?
I've been thinking about this ever since and pondering how I might be of service. Food Storage sometimes seems daunting because we have been conditioned with the mindset that we need to store this huge amount of wheat and beans and we wonder what the heck would be ever do with that stuff? How do we cook it? How do we rotate it to make sure it stays fresh? Etc. Etc. Etc. But, you have to start somewhere. So, might I suggest that you start with at least a
72 hour kit for each family member and then go from there. Then it might benefit you to learn about couponing and being frugal. (jensupersaves is a good resource as well as the sites located on my sidebar)

Couponing has been a huge blessing for my family. Since last April we have amassed at least a 6 month supply of food, personal hygiene items and cleaning supplies for very little money out of pocket. I feel fortunate to be in stockpile maintenance mode now and only go shopping for the essentials (milk & produce, etc) & what I can get for free, really cheap , and of course the moneymakers.

I taught couponing 101 in a couple of wards for Enrichment and focused not only on "teach them how to use coupons effectively" but how to grow your food storage on a budget. I have an outline I could share if you are interested in passing along some valuable information to members of your ward. I'd be happy to address questions you have. If you are new to the frugal blogging world I will be happy to point you in the right direction to find gals who provide deals for the stores in your area. I pretty much cover the DFW area.

I'd love to hear comments and suggestions on how couponing has helped your family. What kind of information has been helpful to you in meeting your food storage goals? Do you have food storage recipes to share?

I just might need some help in preparing a 5th Sunday lesson on food storage....
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Susan said...

Do you want to come do an enrichment for my ward? I was thinking of doing it myself but I think you might be able to do a better job.

Jen said...

I will be happy to...just contact me via email and we can discuss the logistics.