Monday, December 22, 2008

CVS Super Savings

I hit the huge Sunday/Monday sale on Saturday evening
- shout out to Lauren -
We did really good in getting there early
because some items sold out quickly

Remember to get Rain Checks if you are unable
to get the items on Monday
I'll post a picture later, but here's the breakdown:
(1 did 3 transactions)

$109.84 product value
Used $59.17 ECBs
Earned $94.43 ECBs
OOP $2.63
2 rebates = $7.98 more back
100% Savings and $40.67 Profit
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Sue said...

I spent 16.00, and used all of my ECBs in subsequent transactions, and ended up with 18.00 in extra care bucks in return, as well as 13.00 of other items that I got for free with my overages. Thanks for the tip!

Sue said...

Oh, forgot to mention that I got 111.00 worth of stuff that way. Sue. I also hit Walgreens early Saturday morning and got a free hair dryer. Fun!