Monday, December 22, 2008

I just can't get enough CVS

Yep....I went back for more - and even though they were out of stock on alot of the deals I still made out like a bandit. I love the cashiers at the stores I frequent! One of them had a little stockpile of items behind the counter and she let me have my pick! I did have to get several items that were not on sale (pictures printed, sodas, Kung Fu Panda DVD) so I didn't end up with as much overage this time but I still have lots of ECB's for next time!

Product Total: $160.02
ECBs Used: $119.96
ECBs Earned: $106.92
Paid $.83 with a gift card
Paid $.49 cash
Excedrin Rebate: $3.99
Total Cost: $10.40
93.6% Savings

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hayley said...

you are amazing!! i didn't get out yesterday, but i sure wish i had. oh well. i'm sure i wouldn't have done as well as you though. i always seem to forget things... like handing over my coupons in the right order.