Monday, March 9, 2009

Is this diaper heaven or what?

4 Transactions
Total Product Value: $183.29
Total OOP: $9.04 (should have been $7.04 ~ evidently one of my Qs didn't get scanned)
RRs Used: $31.50
RRs Earned: $44.00
Rebate: $6.00 (Caregiver's Marketplace)
Total Profit: $11.46

I'm going back later for more ~ This deal is Simply Incredible!

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Jayne said...

how do you get started at walgreens to get RR's

Amanda said...

I had trouble getting my register rewards to print. The manager gave me a business card for $20 in RR which I guess I have to use all at one time. I was really irratated. He said they didn't print because I used coupons...

hayley said...

you are amazing!! please give details!!