Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Super Savings This Week

4 CVS Transactions & 2 Walgreen's Transactions
Product Total: $139.44
Total cash OOP: $2.15
ECBs Used: $42.97
ECBs Earned: $37.96
RRs Used: $21.00
RRs Earned: $13.00
Gift Card Earned: $25.00
Gift Card Used: $9.16
Profit of $.68

Try this scenario at CVS this week:
Buy 3 Dry Idea Gel @ $2.47 each = $7.41
Buy Colgate Max White or the toothbrush @ $2.99
(check the ad to make sure you buy the right items!)
Use (3) $2.00 off Dry Idea printable here
Use $.75 off Colgate Q
Pay $3.65 OOP (or use ECBs if you have them)
Earns $8.99 ECBs ($6 for Dry Idea, $2.99 for Colgate)

(*The Dry Idea roll on is also eligible for ECBs, but I found the gel to be cheaper)
(*The Dr. Pepper had a hangtag that said FREE wyb 3 bags of Easter Candy)

Try this scenario at Walgreen's this week:
Buy Reach Ultraclean Toothbrush @ $3.00
Buy Reach Ultraclean Floss @ $3.00

Buy Listerine 500ml @ $3.00
Use $3.00/3 coupon
Pay $6.00 + tax oop (or use RRs if you have them, remember to have them scanned 1st)

Earns $6.00 RRs

*if you have $10 ECB's to roll from last week's Huggies Deal

add Ladies Speed Stick 24/7 @ $1.99 (earns $1 RR)
And any other items that get your total up to at least $10.01
You'll get back $7.00 in RRs to use next week

(*I found LOADS of clearance items thoughout the store, so look for
those little orange tags and see what you can match up with your coupons.)

Remember to hand over the $10 RR 1st, then any manufacturer Qs, then any Walgreen's Qs - and you have to buy the same number of items as the number of Qs you are using - the RR counts as a coupon.

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