Monday, March 2, 2009

My Super Savings This Week

2 transactions at CVS,
7 transactions at Walgreen's
Total product value $127.75
Total OOP $8.19
RR's remaining $3.00
Total cost: $5.19
96% Savings

Here's a scenerio to get a bunch of goodies at Walgreen's this week - follow it exactly and it should work without a glitch! I got all this stuff last night by rolling RR's & ECBs.

Transaction #1
Buy Sambucol 30 ct. = $12.00
Buy Colgate Max 6 oz = $3.29
Buy Vaseline Lotion 10 oz = $2.69 (after 25% off)
Use -$4/1 Sambucol printable
Use -$1 off Vaseline printable or -$1.50 off Vaseline RP 1/18
Use -$1.50 Aetna Colgate Q (I can email this to you) or
-$1 off Colgate Adult Toothpaste SS 2/22
Then have them scan the -$10.00 off Sambucol coupon in March ES Booklet
You'll pay between $
.98 and $1.98 + tax OOP
depending on which coupons you use
You'll earn $5.50 in RR's ($2.00 for Vaseline, $3.50 for Colgate)

Transaction #2
Buy Blink Tears Eye Drops .50 oz, $7.99
Buy any small filler item - cheap candy or clearance item
(I bought Peeps for $.33)
Use $5.50 in RR's from transaction #1 - GIVE THESE 1ST!
Use - $1.50/1 IP or -$2 off Blink Tears RP 3/1
Then have them scan the coupon for the Peeps in the monthly ad
You'll Pay about $.82 - $1.32 + tax OOP
You'll earn $8.00 RR (for buying Blink drops)

Then you could roll the $8.00 RR's for whatever you want but here's an idea:
Buy 3 Pepsi 12 pks - $3/11
Use the $8.00 RR
Pay $3.00 OOP
Earn $3.00 RR

Then you could roll the $3.00 RR like this:
Buy Colgate Max, $3.29
Buy Vaseline, $2.69
Use $3.00 RR
Use $1.50 off Colgate
Use $1.00 off Vaseline
Pay $.48+ tax OOP
Earn $5.50 RR

See how cool this is! As long as you alternate the deals you can just keep on rolling the RR's. The way you hand over the coupons/RR's does matter or it won't work, the register gets mad and beeps at ya.

RR's first - then Manufacturer Q's - then Walgreen's in ad Q's - (you have to have enough items being purchased for coupons being used to attach to)

Any questions let me know I will try to go get you some cheap stuff at Walgreen's!

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Sue said...

Walgreens drives me crazy. I wish they would improve their RRs like CVS has their ECBs. When something goes wrong the cashier just stares at me like I'm an idiot- granted, I usually HAVE done something wrong, but it's too complicated to keep up with. I don't shop there most of the time because of the inconvienience of their system. I am looking jealously at the pics of your free lotion and toothpaste though, so maybe I will get off my soap box and head on over there!

Susan said...

Thanks for mentioning the Vaseline Lotion deal. I never would have known about it had I not seen this post. I just went and got three today. I also went and did the Dove deal (6 trial sized deodorants - there is a coupons that works for these and 2 dove bars of soap). $8 minus $3 in coupons and then I got $10 in register rewards. I also used the fiber one IP ($1.35 off 1) to get the Fiber One granola bars (on sale for $1.99) for 64 cents.

Susan said...

Oh, and a cashier told me about Excedrin Menstrual Complete 20 gelcaps that is $4 and there is a $4 Walgreen's coupon for it.