Monday, April 20, 2009

Super Savings at Tom Thumb

Ok...readers if you haven't already heard about the deals coming out of Tom Thumb right now you are in for a nice treat!
You can read about and see scenarios
here and find lots of links and
details on how the promo works

I like to try the deals out before I post about them ~
I can now officially say that this one is pretty incredible!

I did 3 transactions on Monday starting out with a $10 catalina
from the Frozen Food deal a couple of weeks ago.
I purchased $166.29 worth of groceries and household items for just $6.79
That's a whopping 96% savings!

I'll definitely go back for more. And I'll post my findings as the ad week changes

Interested in my scenarios? let me know...

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Jenn said...

do tell!

Susan said...

I want to know more!

hayley said...

of course i want to know more!!