Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tom Thumb - Are you loving this Promo or What?

I've done 6 rounds thus far:

Total Value of Groceries: $318.34
Total OOP: $46.29
Catalina's remaining to roll: $12.00
89.3 % Super Savings

I ended up purchasing some awesome coupons on Ebay and have planned out 7 more rounds. What I am LOVING about this promotion is that most of the qualifying items are "healthy" products, many are organics and brands that I truly LOVE!
See previous post here for information on qualifying items and how this deal works.

**I have a 10% discount attached to my Reward Card until May 21st. The discount is taken off after any store coupons so on the $30 qualifying purchases I am getting an approximately an additional $2 off after I use the $10 Catalinas. I will let you use my reward card number if you are a regular visitor to my site and I know who you are - so you can get the 10% off too. You must not use my gas rewards though or you'd be in BIG trouble. email or comment with your contact info if you are interested.

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1 comment:

Terresa said...

I've heard of people buying coupons on Ebay...that sounds like it works well. I might have to look into that. Currently, I yard sale, thrift store shop, and curb drive (free is always the best price).

I also price match at my local Walmart (similar to the online "grocery smart" stuff everyone's doing now). Works pretty well, but I realize there's always room for improvement.

Thanks for sharing your ideas...I'll be back!